Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Much to do

The repetitive clip art is a pity, and there are several places where fonts overlap the edges of boxes. The site has all the signs of being made in a hurry. The blog is very incomplete, and the responses to the seven points are minimal. The survey results are essential for supporting the view of audience that youare asked to explain in 2, 4 and 5.

The logo is clip art, even though I understood that it was designed using Photoshop. Sites like use identical artwork, and I would need to see your original work in Photoshop to be prepared to give it credit as yours!

Evaluation: this is very basic, and probably wouldn’t pass as it is. The entries are in the wrong order, and could easily be posted up as a copy and paste from the original. The survey has no analysis or commentary. There is no evidence of storyboarding, or planning. There is no brief for this site.

Planning: There is some evidence of early research, but little else.

You must read, and revise your work, in line with this document: AS web site planning 2.doc

Much to do.

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